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WideExpo relied on Mokka Studios to create and develop their brand identity and website, seamlessly blending the traditional trade show experience with innovative technology to foster connections, sustainability and growth.

  • Platform
    • Web
  • Technologies
    • SASS/CSS
    • PUG/HTML
    • Bootstrap 5
    • Gulp
    • Figma
  • Duration
    • 1 month
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Customer story

In 2022, Antonio and Francesco Orpheu founded WideExpo in Turin, Italy, to revolutionize the trade fair industry by merging physical exhibitions with a digital platform.

WideExpo connects Italy's leading events with a global audience, making trade shows accessible, sustainable, and profitable.

The platform fosters a strong community and has garnered attention from media outlets like Forbes and Startup Geeks.

WideExpo is dedicated to preserving the exhibition heritage while evolving it for today's global world.

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WideExpo needed to create a unique brand identity and website that seamlessly merged actual trade exhibitions with digital solutions.

The challenge was to design an intuitive and engaging platform appealing to a diverse audience of exhibitors, visitors, and industry professionals.

The challenge for Mokka Studios was to ensure that the website captured the essence of physical trade shows while integrating cutting-edge digital features in a balance of tradition and innovation.

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Mokka Studios precisely researched an appealing brand identity for WideExpo that would resonate with different audiences through the fusion of traditional and modern elements.

Together we designed an eye-catching website that seamlessly blended real trade shows and digital solutions.

The cohesive fusion of brand identity and website provided an engaging platform with an intuitive user interface, interactive features, and efficient networking tools.

Mokka Studios' expertise succeeded in positioning WideExpo as a pioneer, revolutionizing the trade show industry.

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A skilled graphic designer crafted WideExpo’s brand identity, capturing its mission and values in a memorable visual language that resonates with users.

The conceptualization and implementation of the graphics were done by a talented designer, who made sure to achieve an attractive and user-friendly design.

The development team consisted of two experienced developers: the first was responsible for frontend development and the second for the backend.

Together they created the tools and infrastructure, developed the application functionality, performed QA testing, and set up all releases.

The entire process was supervised and directed by a project manager, who was responsible for delivering a high-quality application on time.


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Antonio Orpheu

Antonio Orpheu, CEO

Icon Vision Perfectly Captured

Mokka Studios perfectly captured WideExpo's vision and mission, creating a unique brand identity that resonates with potential investors. Their skilful development of the website ensured that our crowdfunding campaign was ready to start.


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