This website uses cookies for analytics and to improve provided services. By choosing “I Accept”, you consent to our use of them and other tracking technologies according to our Cookie Policy. relied on Mokka Studios to enhance its ADV, integrating banner ads and ad placement forms to improve the user experience of its services.

  • Platform
    • Web
  • Technologies
    • React.js
    • Next.js
  • Duration
    • 12 months (FTE)
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Customer story, Italy's leading digital marketplace, makes dreams come true by providing a fast, easy and secure platform to buy and sell.

With 11 million monthly visitors, diversified offerings, and a passionate team, is committed to providing exceptional user experiences.

As a part of the Adevinta Group, is built on innovation and security, serving 13.5 million active recipients and making a lasting impact on the lives of millions of people across Italy.

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Challenge faced challenges in enhancing their platform, requiring expert software development collaboration with Mokka Studios.

Key hurdles included seamless banner ad integration, developing ancillary services, and creating an efficient ad entry form and landing page.

Navigating complex technical aspects, and Mokka Studios focused on open communication and project management to deliver a superior user experience in Italy's digital marketplace.

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Mokka Studios expertly addressed's challenges with tailored solutions: seamless banner ad integration, ancillary services, and a streamlined ad entry form with an engaging landing page.

This collaboration elevated's platform, enhancing user experience and solidifying its position in Italy's competitive digital marketplace, ultimately fulfilling dreams for millions of users.

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The development team consisted of two experienced frontend developers. Together they created the tools and infrastructure, developed the application functionality, performed QA testing, and set up all releases.

The entire process was supervised and directed by a project manager, who was responsible for delivering a high-quality application on time.


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