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Mister Plumber

Log.Int relied on Mokka Studios to improve the safety of its employees in the workplace and to spark a continuous process of business improvement.

  • Platform
    • Android
    • iOS
  • Technologies
    • Flutter
    • Node.js
    • Figma
  • Duration
    • 2 months
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Customer story

Log.Int, with more than 60 years of experience in the installation of plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems, guarantees the availability of innovative and environmentally friendly solutions aimed at energy saving, at a competitive price and with quick turnaround time, to enable a service that meets the customer's expectations.

Log.Int is committed to respecting the environment along the entire pipeline route, both in the supply phase and in the organization and management of transportation services.

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Log.Int believes that the key to a successful job is to make its employees as safe as possible by protecting them from risks associated with daily activities. Mokka Studios was commissioned to develop a system of tools and procedures to identify, monitor and manage potential workplace safety risks.

We have worked with Log.Int to ensure that risks are addressed in time and protocols are efficiently applied, striving to create a safe working environment that reduces the number of accidents and injuries at work.

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Log.Int's mobile app is designed to provide higher standards of safety and quality in plumbing and maintenance work. It enables real-time verification of employees' use of personal protective equipment and execution of work, allowing administrators and supervisors to create and track jobs to monitor employee compliance with safety regulations, and giving employees a tool to complete their tasks efficiently.

The application is built with hybrid cross-platform technology, providing an optimal user experience on every device.

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Team composition

The conceptualization and implementation of the graphics were done by a talented designer, who made sure to achieve an attractive and user-friendly design.

The development team consisted of two experienced developers: the first was responsible for frontend development and the second for the backend. Together they created the tools and infrastructure, developed the application functionality, performed QA testing, and set up all releases.

The entire process was supervised and directed by a project manager, who was responsible for delivering a high-quality application on time.


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Valerio Blini

Valerio Blini, CEO

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They were able to bring our vision of creating a safe working environment for our employees to life, while also ensuring that the product was delivered on time and within budget. I highly recommend Mokka Studios to anyone looking for a reliable development partner!

Mister Plumber

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