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Unleash the power of blockchain


Mokka Studios can help you unlock the potential of Blockchain technology and take your business to the future. Our team of skilled consultants can guide you through the process of customizing and deploying a system to suit your unique business requirements. Our blockchain development services can help you achieve increased transparency in business processes,

improved data security, reduced transaction costs and high levels of automation. With our cryptocurrency, smart contract, DApp, NFts and wallet design and development services, you can maximize the benefits of this revolutionary technology. Mokka Studios is here to offer you world-class services and solutions to help you stay ahead of the competition.

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By 2022, worldwide spending on blockchain solutions will reach $11.7 billion. (ABL Advisor)


53% of C-level officers identified blockchain as a crucial part of their organizational infrastructure. (Deloitte)


Financial companies can save up to $12 billion a year using blockchain. (Accenture)


More than $270 billion in assets have been distributed in Blockchain transactions. (Bloomberg)


That will make you reach the top
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    Smart Contract

    Elevate your business to a new level of efficiency and security with our blockchain-based smart contract solutions. We provide secure and reliable services to help you automate operations, streamline workflow and reduce costs. Utilise the power of blockchain-based smart contracts and experience the benefits of ICO protocols and encrypted records.

    • Smart Contract Architecture
    • Smart Contract Design and Development
    • Smart Contract Audit
    • Smart Contracts Optimization
  • 2

    Crypto Wallet

    Whether your company works with crypto or accepts it as a payment, you need a secure and robust cryptocurrency wallet. Our wallets are secure, easy to use, customizable, scalable. We also provide support in POS integration, access via web applications, mobile or hardware.

    • Mobile & Web Integration
    • Payment Gateways
    • Transaction Tracking
    • Business & Technical Analysis
  • 3


    Leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technologies, we develop a private, secure and interconnected digital infrastructure that allows your users to transact with cryptocurrencies or digital tokens, maximizing their privacy and transforming your company into an innovation engine.

    • Architecture Design
    • Internal Audit
    • Testing and Deployment
    • DApp Porting
  • 4


    We offer our experience to define the best strategies for blockchain integration services in your business. We help you integrate blockchain technology into an existing product, create a product MVP or PoC leveraging blockchain.

    • Evaluation Framework
    • Blueprinting
    • Integration Strategy
    • Integration Testing
  • 5


    We provide comprehensive NFT development services to help you leverage blockchain technology. Our team of blockchain experts will guide you through the entire process, from ideation to delivery.

    • Marketplace Development
    • Metaverse NFT Development
    • Smart Contract Audit
    • NFT (ERC721 & ERC1155) Development
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Frequently Asked Questions

Blockchain technology is a revolutionary distributed, cryptographically secure database structure that enables a secure, immutable record of transactional data. It eliminates the need for a centralized intermediary and can be used for a variety of purposes such as smart contracts, tokenization, cyber-attack resistance, and counterparty risk reduction. The first Blockchain, Bitcoin, was built using over a century of advances in cryptography and database technology; however, new blockchains and cryptocurrencies are constantly being developed.

Blockchain software is a digital ledger technology that securely records and distributes transactions across a network of computers. This Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT) is designed to be immutable, meaning the data stored is permanent and unchangeable. Bitcoin was the first blockchain system to be released as open-source software, allowing anyone to access and build upon its code. Ethereum is another open-source blockchain system, while more private, proprietary systems are being developed for commercial use. By leveraging the power of distributed ledger technology, blockchain software has revolutionized the way transactions are processed and stored.

Blockchain technology offers numerous advantages to businesses and communities around the globe. From increased security and privacy to creating immutable and timestamped records, the benefits of blockchain are far-reaching. With improved security and anonymity, each transaction is validated by all participants in the network, and its indelible timestamp is recorded in the blockchain. Furthermore, all participants in the system have a copy of the ledger, creating a secure, distributed, and transparent environment.

Blockchain technology offers businesses numerous advantages, such as enhanced accuracy, improved efficiency and increased security. With its four main attributes of consent, replication, immutability and security, Blockchain provides a secure, distributed ledger system for businesses to carry out transactions and operations. Transactions are validated by all participants in the network, and once approved, the data is replicated to all participants, creating an immutable and permanent record of each transaction. This helps to build trust between the parties involved, as only authorized users can access the data.

Unlock the potential of blockchain technology for your business. Our team of experts offers a free consultation to discuss your idea and determine the best application for your business. Reach out today to take the first step towards unlocking the power of blockchain.

Yes, it is possible to create a private blockchain for a business. Unlike the public blockchain, which is open source and publicly accessible, a private blockchain is designed to store and protect confidential company data on a secure, private network. By leveraging the open-source features of the blockchain, businesses can create a safe, reliable, and secure private blockchain solution for their data storage needs.

While certain industries may benefit more from the use of blockchain technology, there is no limitation on any business that needs to manage or control confidential data internally or for its customers.

At every stage of the project, our team is here to provide comprehensive support and guidance. From the beginning concept of selecting the ideal blockchain technology for your project to the full public launch of the solution, we will work in close partnership with you to refine and develop the scope of the project.

At Mokka Studios, we use the agile methodology to develop blockchain solutions in the most efficient manner possible, resulting in rapid project completion. The duration of any given project can vary depending on its scope, but generally speaking, our projects range from 3 months to a year.